About The Campo Group, Ltd.

About The Campo Group, Lt…

Our Firm and Philosophy

Most political consultants and lobbyists view their client’s needs through the prism of their limited perspectives gained in political campaigns or on Capitol Hill, thereby limiting their ‘tool box’ to either electing legislators, or lobbying them once they are elected, based on that experience. But achieving a client’s objectives often requires an integrated strategy that applies each of these ‘tools’ at different stages to shape the political environment—as well as a legislative and regulatory policy strategy that can withstand challenges in court. The Campo Group, Ltd. marries experience in candidate recruitment and training and public policy formation; we apply this combined experience to elect those committed to specific policy objectives of our clients in a multi-disciplinary approach.

A truly effective approach to shaping public policy requires integration of political and legislative strategies with knowledge of executive-branch policymaking that will guide the interpretation of the laws by regulatory agencies and the Courts. The Campo Group, Ltd. breaks down the stove-pipes of traditional political consulting and lobbying firms.

Its subsidiary, Campo, S.A. Energy+Economics Consultants provides the substantive research and analysis in the energy sector.

Few small firms can marry political consulting and policy analysis with ‘grassroots’ lobbying and formal representation to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve their client’s objectives; The Campo Group, Ltd. does.

The firm’s Principal, Terry T. Campo, brings four decades of experience in political campaigns, and three decades drafting laws and regulations adopted by Congress and the states alongside advising political leaders and civil service authorities implementing policy in the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Campo’s diverse range of public and private international work includes developing the political strategy, substantive analysis, and drafting a law restructuring the Social Protection system of former Communist countries as well as privatization of state-owned electric companies in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.