YR Alumni Network Scholarship Recipients

The YR Alumni Network is pleased to fund YRLC Scholarships and other leadership training grants honoring deceased YRNF Chairs and Special Friends who played central roles in making the nation’s oldest youth political organization an incubator of our nation’s leadership. The YR Alumni Network also funds leadership training grants for programs of the Leadership Institute, Federalist Society, Fund for America’s Studies and other organizations. Those wishing to learn more about the YR Alumni Network are invited to visit its website, www.YRAlumni.Net.

  • Deborah Kay Corey of Virginia received the scholarship honoring Kathryn Coe (Royce) Coombs of Virginia in 2012. Corey has been published in The Daily Caller, Human Events, The Washington Examiner and National Review Online – she is also a former member of The Washington Times Editorial Board. She is the Blog Director for GOP Rockstars of the DCYRs. Her publishing career is a tribute to our YR Alumnus, who served as YRNF Treasurer (1981-83) and Vice Chair who was a leader in establishing a central role for the YRs in international affairs.

  • Nicole Russo of New York received the 2012 Audrey Merkin Scholarship. Russo is the Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator for the Minority Leader of the New York Stae Assembly. Her political activism honors Audrey Merkin, of Nevada, who served as Co-Chair of the YRNF from 1987-89 and as its Executive Director (1991-93). Previous winners of the Audrey Merkin YR Alumni Scholarship are: Katrina Gubler Long of Utah (2010), Natalie Miller of Minnesota (2008), and Sarah Reidy of Kentucky (2006).

  • Layla Shipman, of Georgia (2010) was awarded the Lee Atwater Leaders’ Scholarship in 2010. Eric Walligura, of Texas received the Atwater Scholarship in 2008. Lee Atwater was an inspirational leader of the Young Republicans who successfully managed the South Carolina campaigns of Senator Strom Thurmond and Governor Carole Campbell, before becoming the campaign manager for President George H.W. Bush in 1988 and Chairman of the Republican National Committee (1989-91).

  • Clifton White was the ‘behind-the-scenes’ leader in YRNF politics prior to assembling the Draft Goldwater Movement which propelled the Arizona Senator to the 1964 Presidential Nomination and transformed the Republican Party into a conservative opposition political party. He was the original Chair of the YR Alumni Association (formed in 1991). Katrina Rice, of Texas, was awarded the F. Clifton White Leaders’ Scholarship in 2010.
  • John Waldeyer was the ‘behind-the-scenes’ leader in YRNF politics and Pennsylvania YR Chair through the late 1970s and mid-1980s. Daniel Garcia, of Pennsylvania, was awarded the John Waldeyer Scholarship in 2010.

  • The YR Alumni Network provides for scholarships honoring each deceased YRNF Chairs for first-time YRLC attendees. Those selected for the Chairman’s Scholarships* are: Josiah Cantrall, of Wisconsin, was awarded the scholarship honoring S. Senator Gordon Allott (YRNF Chair 1945-46) of Colorado. Torion Bridges, of Michigan, was awarded the scholarship honoring John Tope (YRNF Chair 1949-51) of Michigan. Kasey Flynt, of Texas, was awarded the scholarship honoring Congressman Herbert Wharburton (YRNF Chair 1951-53) of Delaware. Darvio Morrow, of Ohio, was awarded the scholarship honoring Charles McWhorter (YRNF Chair 1955-57) of New York. Cynthia Mallette, of Texas, was awarded the scholarship honoring Congressman John Ashbrook (YRNF Chair 1957-59) of Ohio. Jenny Sande, of Kansas, was awarded the scholarship honoring Ned Cushing (YRNF Chair 1959-61) of Kansas. Mary Jo Kubicki, of Ohio, was awarded the scholarship honoring Congressman Donald E. ‘Buz’ Lukens (YRNF Chair 1963-65) of Ohio. Catherine Perez, of New York, was awarded the scholarship honoring Dick Smith (YRNF Chair 1979-81) of Florida. Jennifer Shoemaker, of Indiana, was awarded the scholarship honoring Richard Jacobs (YRNF Chair 1987-89) of Tennessee. Olivia Nesterowicz, of Illinois, was chosen to receive the Illinois’ State Scholarship.